Many people are making serious money online through ebooks. However, many who have tried to do so  have failed because writing a quality ebook can be hard to do. The good news is, you can now make money with ebooks, without having to write a single word yourself. It has worked for many other people, so why not you?. Here are some tips that will help you get started.

make money with ebooks

Steps To Make Money With eBooks

First, find a niche

Finding a niche is the hardest thing you’ll have to do, but it’s not difficult at all! To find a great topic to write about, spend some time on Google. Search for things like ‘major concerns of Americans’ (or the country where your target audience is located), or ‘Popular topics’. Also try checking out Amazon’s best-selling books, and get some ideas. Your niche can be about anything you want: from chicken soup recipes to bike riding in Ontario — just make sure there is an audience ready to spend money on that information.


Produce the content

You probably think this is the tricky part. Perhaps you think that you don’t know enough about any one thing to produce a book. It’s hard to write a quality ebook, so why not have someone else write it for you?

The first thing to do before you start looking is think about your budget. Once you have decided on that you will be able to choose the best option. Basically you have 4 main options

1. Research the topic and write it yourself. Now you may already have disregarded this one. You could however reconsider. Some people will buy a book just because they are too lazy or don’t have the time to research themselves. You could spend time going round forums and searching online to produce content that is useful.

2. Find yourself an expert. If you are good at the marketing side of things you could partner with an expert and publish jointly with them. Maybe you have a friend who is an expert at some hobby but has no interest in writing a book. They would be happy to partner up if you are doing most of the work.

3. Hire a freelancer. Many celebrities who publish autobiographies don’t actually write it themselves. You could follow their lead and use a ghost writer. The best place to get a freelancer to do the job for you is at Elance. There you can look for writers available for hire, or post an offer and wait for someone to accept it. Other places to search for writers include forums like v7n and Digital point.

4. Going back to the idea of writing it yourself you could start with PLR content. On sites like Amazon Kindle you can’t actually publish PLR content. You can however use good quality PLR as a basis to give you ideas for what to write. Often the hardest part if you are not a natural writer is to come up with the ideas. If you are going to choose this route then make sure you buy good quality content. Many PLR producers specialise in specific niches.


Build a web presence

So you have produced a book. What next? Once you have your book, it’s time to sell it and make a profit! It’s best to look at the long term. If you are going to carry on writing books you may want to establish yourself and your name. Alternatively if you have written under a pen name and will be in lots of different niches then you may want to market this book as a one off.

If you are going with the first option then buy a domain with your own name or a brand name so that you can list all your books on a single site. Whichever way you are choosing you may also want to buy a domain that matches the title of each book. So start by getting a domain name and a web host, and setting up your landing page. Remember to make it catchy if you are going for a brand!


money made with ebooks

Market, sell and make money with ebooks

When you’re done, the marketing and selling comes next. Obviously in order for you to make money with ebooks somebody needs to buy them. You can try marketing your e-book through paid advertisements, forums, etc. and wait for your first sales.

Alternatively you can promote it for free on social media. There are groups on Facebook that you can join and offer your book for free in the hope of getting reviews. Obviously if you are relying on Amazon to sell your book then positive reviews will be a great help. Think about it, if you are browsing and see a book with 5 star reviews are you more likely to buy? Now it is against Amazon’s rules to buy reviews but if you let people read the book then some of those people will leave a review.


Take action

Now that you have enough information to get started, why not take it further and learn more about the topic? Research even more information on how to go about creating your own e-book and profiting from it even without writing a single word yourself. If you do all these steps well, you may find yourself  with a bestseller on your hands. At least you should at least find that you are able to make money with e-books. If you are lucky you might even start gaining profit in the first week!

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