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There are millions of websites on the internet. So how are you going to stand out and be remembered? You need to distinguish yourself in some way from all the rest. Making your own brand online is one way to do this.

Getting a visitor to your website is one thing; that’s all well and good. But will they come back, and will you stick in their mind? Returning visitors are the holy grail of website visitors. In order to get them to return a second time, you want to be branding yourself and/or your business.

Huge companies advertise not just because they want to provide you with information about their product. They do that because they’re trying to brand their name and image.

Brands build trust

Often, it is the brand you are paying the money for when you buy something. Let’s be honest part of the genius of Steve Jobs was creating an Apple brand that is so iconic it has become a status symbol to many. People are actually willing to pay more for a brand they know.

You want to be as memorable as possible. However, it is also the case that too complex a logo will definitely slip out of peoples’ minds. The Apple brand stands out because from the packaging to the stores it is clean and minimalist.

Some small companies may have better products than the leaders in their industry and lower prices. People will pay more money to a big company for a service or product.  With some companies a third or  more of the price of the product will be branding expenses. Should you spend that on company branding or is it an extravagant waste?

It’s human nature that people feel safer buying from branded companies. This is especially true when they purchase through the internet. If you give people the choice of  giving their credit card details to an unknown company with very attractive prices or to a company they know and trust most will choose the latter. This is true even if the price is a bit more expensive.

So in an ideal world you want to become a trusted name in your niche. You can do this by making your own brand online. If you want to be a recognizable company, be ready to spend some money on branding when you start your website.

There are other obvious measures you need to take to make people feel secure. Obviously your site needs to be “https” and to have legal policies in place.

Branding plays the same role in online business as in a regular one in the high street. Showing consistency is important. if you market on different platforms make sure your logo, colors and brand messaging is consistent across them all.

If people see your brand image all over social media they will begin to recognize the name. That happens initially at an unconscious level even.  Then after seeing your messaging several times they will begin to recognize your logo and name. This is important whether you are selling your own products or acting as an affiliate marketer. People will look out for your work if they trust your reviews and recommendations.

Tips to making your own brand online

Before you start branding study your competitors. If they are a large company they may have invested heavily in customer research to see what converts. Obviously you don’t want to copy them but it may be useful to take inspiration from some of their techniques.

The key to success in online branding is consistency and recognition. Links, banners, headers and ads should all tie in together. Your logo, company name or business slogan need to be everywhere and to stick in the mind. Making something that people remember is key when making your own brand for online use.

If you are on a limited budget then think outside the box. Some web design companies offer free redesign services for a testimonial and a link back to their website. Depending on what services or product you offer you may even be able to barter if it is to both your advantages.

If you have an affiliate program of your own you may be able to get other sites to place a banner or a link to your website on their pages. This will get your branding on to more web properties.


See what’s working but adapt

These are some easy ways to brand your company. Different companies use different methods and techniques. Studying your market and your competitors will allow you to see what is working well and to come up with the best strategies for you.

You don’t want to copy anyone but at the same time it may be an advantage to be congruent with others in your market.

Have you ever noticed that stores’ own brands of big name products are usually in the same coloring and layout of the original. If a consumer expects a cereal to be in a yellow box then why not meet their expectation. However when it comes to your own logo you can be more original.

You want to begin making a brand online as soon as you start your company. One day your logo may be as memorable as that famous Apple or the Nike Swoosh. Making your own brand online should certainly help with your marketing and business success.

making a brand that is memorable and consistent across platforms

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