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alternative and best way to make money with cryptoThe new way of making money with crypto

Crypto is huge. But it’s also volatile and confusing.

Many are rushing into crypto land to try to make big profits. But most don’t know what they’re doing. Which is crazy because Crypto done right – the way we will show you – is one of the greatest opportunities to have ever blessed us.

The trick isn’t in knowing which crypto to buy at a low price so you can sell it later at a higher price. That’s way too risky.

There is a better, safer path to financial liberation with crypto – yet no one is talking about it. Dan will show you exactly what it is, how it works, and most important… WHY he is compelled to share it with you.

This may be the single most important video you’ll ever view.

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Is there any such thing as passive real income?

Most of the products that come out suggesting that you can make money passively are often full of hype but not much hope.

I joined Dawud’s Elite academy recently and literally made money within 48 hours and I literally did nothing! So now to quote Neil diamond and The Monkees  I’m A Believer”

This product released by Dawud offers a similar opportunity and at the price has to be worth a look. Here’s what it offers:

Send traffic to ANY url of your choice. Traffic comes from a rotator, the earlier you purchase the more traffic you will get. All traffic is from genuine BUYERS inside my Elite Tigers Group




The bonuses that come with the main product are worth more than the cost!

It’s called Place Your Link and does exactly what it says on the tin!




prosperity algorithm display on several devices


 Prosperity is about far more than money.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain



Discover why you should be using Pinterest, no matter what business you have. Click here or on the image.

Pinterest webinar training ad shown on laptop





Commit just 10 hours of your life over the next 12 days and improve all areas of your life.    LEVEL UP HERE

unite challenge to level up all areas of your life


True wealth is about more than just money. True happiness and success come from levelling up all areas of your life

  • spiritual
  • financial
  • physical
  • emotional
  • mental 

You can use the wealth polygon to level up all areas of your life.

Easy to follow methods and processes to quick behavioural shifts.

In less than 12 days, something wonderful will happen in your life.






Check back each month. We have at least one exclusive time limited offer each month.

In the meantime look at the resources page for other offers we like.


Everything you have been told about selling on Amazon is probably wrong.

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The Year Of The Shovel – Free webinar


Almost everything you know about digital marketing is up for grabs. While 2021 brings a whole new set of opportunities it also presents challenges… and if you think what you learned in 2020 will get you through… think again.

2021 has been declared the YEAR OF THE SHOVEL. Most gurus out there making their predictions about the best opportunities to focus on in 2021 are WRONG.

New problems can’t be solved with old perspectives. The changing of the guard is here, and the good news is that anyone who has the right map can get their hands on the treasure.

In many ways, for most, 2021 will be a much harder year – both personally and professionally. But…

For the few who understand the implications of the “YEAR OF THE SHOVEL,” 2021 will be triumphant.

Bold claims for sure, and I’ll prove them to you live on the webinar!

Yes, Jason will make an offer on this webinar but he won’t make you wait until the end to find out what it is… In fact, he’ll show it to you a few minutes into the webinar, because you will immediately recognize that turning the price of a pizza into a sustainable business that you run online is not something you will let escape you!


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Why is it that so many lottery winners end up broke, and what does it have to do with you?

Free training reveals the 10 primary levels of prosperity.

Why a perspective shift is the greatest lever of prosperity

How to pushback against overwhelm and schedule your chaos

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Without purpose you can’t be your authentic self







It’s tempting to continue searching for the holy grail of making money online by chasing every new offer. In fact you don’t need another bright shiny object.

This webinar will reveal the simple way to make 2021 your year.

On the webinar, there will be a special offer so crazy good you may think you misheard. You won’t have to wait long to find out what it is either. After about 15 minutes all will be revealed so if it doesn’t interest you, then you can leave.

You also have 5 chances to win $400.         REGISTER HERE

My promise to you is that whether you take advantage of the crazy offer or not, whether you win the cash prizes or not, the training will prepare you to see 2021 with the new perspective you need to succeed.





Have you ever bought an information product and not fully implemented it? You are not alone. Amazingly 97% of people who buy an online course don’t actually make it to the end.
That is true whether they spend $27 or $2000+.
Turns out there is a reason for that, and it’s not your fault.

Discover how Marisa implemented changes in her business and got these results:

  • The conversion rate of her webinar jumped from 11% to 21%
  • Sales increased by 33%
  • Student engagement and satisfaction hit an unbelievable 76%
  • Just 108 students brought in $138,000 in total sales in under 2 months

Register for the webinar and discover the secrets to success and the best bonuses for EPM

You will discover how to do all this:

  • Create “binge-worthy” online courses that your customers can’t help but love
  • Tap into brain chemistry to hyper-motivate your customers towards the results they want and slash refund rates by 70-80%
  • Embed the “dopamine button” in your online courses to drive 10-30x more student success (that turns into radically more repeat sales and referrals)








Opening for few days only – closing Monday 28th September. Last chance for a few months






The Amazon profit shift that is happening right now.

Never Touch A Product. You can live in any country in the world and make this work!

 1 in 5 Amazon sellers make more than $1 million per year.


Here’s what you will discover in this training:

The risk-free approach to true Amazon profits (risk free in both money and time).

An ethical approach to making money with Amazon (most models can be made to work, but they feel
scummy. This is quad-winning, which is probably why it works so well.)

How just 421 customers sold $510,397,441 of stuff on Amazon with the approach you’ll see
here – even though most of these customers had previously never made any real money before.

The two-headed nemesis that robs most folks of true Amazon profits and how you can sidestep
this trap that claims most wannabe Amazon profit seekers.

Jeff Bezos’ secret bet (and how you can cash in on it before September 30th)




What is the fastest way to make money online when you must earn money quickly?

It’s a scary world right now.

The UK just announced it is now officially in the worst recession in living memory. The furlough scheme is coming to an end soon.

The USA has 300,000 unemployed who have just received their last $600 unemployment benefit.

There is a way out of this madness.

Register for this webinar and discover how to make money within 48 hours doing something that will make you proud by helping others who are suffering.

It’s free to attend. It’s new. This training has never been seen before because it has never been done before. It works like crazy, but has never been taught. Until now.

It will all make sense when you see it. It can’t be conveyed in words yet it can easily be shown to you in a way you’ll understand, and more importantly, it can immediately make a huge difference in your near-term financial future (meaning, in your bank account and your wallet).

So sign up now:


…and be ready to use it. It can take you less than 15 minutes a day, and has a good chance of producing income within 48 hours or less from the very first time you use it. Seriously.

how to make money online fast

Money is money. 

Your goal shouldn’t be to get it one particular way, but rather to get the most of it with the least amount of effort. It shouldn’t matter less if it’s physical, digital, affiliate, software, service, local, global, business-to-consumer or business-to-business.

If you want to form any label or identity around how you obtain your financial freedom, I suggest the following to try on:


If you identify as a money getter, you’re more open to the easiest and quickest ways to get money ethically, and that lets you be more in tune to the best opportunities… be they knocking, ringing doorbells, or even sending carrier pigeons. 


I bring this up to you because the free training I’m fortunate enough to be able to invite you to is

(a) outside what you likely see yourself as and

(b) much different than what you’re used to. 


Could that be why it works so well, then? 

Sign up for the webinar and find out


girl online checking fastest way to make money online







Webinar training – Create a product in 1 day


with Jason Fladlien the guru to the gurus!

product creation










Have you signed up for the Traffic Legends Summit and Giveaway?

Some of the top internet marketers have come together to offer you some of their best products for FREE!

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