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There are numerous social media platforms that you can choose from, but which is the best social channel for marketing a business? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn all have their place. Recently it seems many people favour Instagram but here is a question that you need to consider “is Pinterest better than Instagram for business“. There are good reasons to think so, read on to find out why.


4 Factors that make Pinterest better than Instagram for Business Marketing

1. Clicks to your offers

Instagram is owned by Facebook which does as much as it can to keep people on its websites.  Fact is, FB has built one of the most profitable companies in the world by selling our attention and eyeballs to advertisers.

The whole culture of Pinterest is linking AWAY from their site.  In fact you can link directly from Pinterest to your sales pages, opt-in pages, ecommerce listings, affiliate offers, blogs and / or podcasts.  

Literally, with Pinterest, you can generate traffic and send it to just about anywhere you want.

2. Targeted Traffic

Now it is true that Pinterest can’t compete with Instagram when it comes to the number of people on the platform. Indeed, Instagram has about 1 Billion users, versus the 250 Million on Pinterest.  

But Instagram makes it extremely difficult to get clicks.  That high volume of traffic means nothing unless it benefits you.  Pinterest is set up to generate targeted clicks from people who are already interested in your niche or subject matter and many of them have a high buyer intent as we shall see below.


3. Longevity

According to an article on WebFX, the average longevity of social media posts on different platforms is as follows:

  • The half life of a Tweet is 24 minutes.
  • The half life of a Facebook post is 90 minutes. 
  • The half life of a LinkedIn post is 24 hours.
  • The half life of an Instagram post is 48 hours. 
  • The half life of a Pinterest pin is 3 ½ months!

Some Pinterest pins bring traffic for years after pinning. Show me another platform that you can say that about. If you pin seasonal content like Halloween or Valentine’s Day one year, then it will often gain popularity and bring traffic in following years.


4.  Buyer Intent

Instagram attracts many browsers. People often go there to explore a bit, look at their friends or artists profiles, and relax. So it’s very much a “personal brand” kind of platform, suited to influencers and celebrities. They don’t usually go with the intent of buying something.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is where people go when they start planning to do things. In fact, Pinterest is primarily a search engine.

They search for things, make shopping lists and save pins for future purchases. For example, newly engaged people go to Pinterest and search for ideas for their wedding months in advance.

48% of Pinterest users log on because they want to buy something.  There is no other social network that comes close to being full of people who are ready to buy. The closest competitor is Facebook at 14%.

That means that Pinterest has 3x the buyers of its closest competitor. 

If you are a celebrity and you are the “product” then Instagram may be a good choice for you. However if you sell any kind of physical products, training programs or have a business to promote, then Pinterest is your best bet. You can use Pinterest for affiliate marketing also not just your own products.


Infographic showing longevity of social media posts.One reason why Pinterest is better than Instagram for business.

What can you promote on Pinterest?

In fact you can use Pinterest for many purposes to grow a business. Here are a few examples:

  • Sell just about anything under the sun, including B2B services
  • Set up multiple passive income channels that run on auto-pilot
  • Build an email list of targeted and red hot leads
  • Leverage influencers in your niche to get traffic to your websites and offers

Did you know that the majority of Pinterest users earn over $75,000 a year? Pinterest users spend more than anybody else on any other social network.  The average order value is $50, by far the highest amount for any social network. 

And 91% of Pinterest users say that it’s a positive place, where they enjoy spending time.


So put the two together and you have a marketer’s dream.

Pinterest is a social network where happy people with disposable income go to spend money, and they are easily reachableClick To Tweet.


Is Pinterest all weddings and recipes?

Mention Pinterest to some business owners and you may find that is what they think. While it is true that weddings, travel and recipes are all huge topics and the majority of current users are female, the appeal is not limited.

I recently heard about Tom who saw this Pinterest training and decided to make a pin to promote his business. What was his business? He sells highly trained protection dogs.

He treated it as a bit of a joke, and titled his Pin “21 Reasons Why a Protection Dog Is Better Than a Man”

He wasn’t expecting much, posted it on his Pinterest board, and promptly forgot about it.  In fact he had stumbled on combining 2 topics that always do well on Pinterest, animals and humour resulting in a lot of shares and impressions.

The result? Without doing any other marketing, he sold 2 of his protection dogs at $20,000 each.  So $40,000 in sales from just one simple pin that he did in less than an hour. That’s a pretty good hourly rate!


So is Pinterest better than Instagram for business purposes?

I think you have to admit that Pinterest has many advantages over Instagram when it comes to promoting your business, And all of this comes at no cost apart from your time in producing some graphics and uploading them. Indeed you can embed a tool on your website to make the images pinnable and share them from your site. If you like Instagram then carry on but don’t forget that your goal in building a business should be to repurpose your content anyway. You can share your Instagram posts to Pinterest and get double the benefit.

I have a suspicion that you may well find that Pinterest is better than Instagram for business after all.


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