Previously we looked at how you could make money from ebooks without writing anything. But perhaps you actually like writing. Well aside from writing ebooks there are other ways this could benefit you.There are several ways we can profit from writing skills. I am one of many people who have realized the many benefits that writing articles can bring. Article marketing is now widely recognized as an excellent way of promoting a website. However, there are many more opportunities out there to make money for the budding writer.

I just happened to stumble across the idea of writing articles some time ago ago when I was discussing different forms of website promotion with a friend of mine. I was looking at ways in which I could attract more visitors to my own sites. He advised me to think about writing articles.

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The advice was sound and I have not looked back since. Obviously if you are blogging you will be writing articles anyway. Writing articles is a superb way of gaining extra one-way backward links to your site. Plus the readers of each article are also potential visitors. You can put these articles on article directories or social media platforms like Medium or Reddit.

I attempt to write around seven articles per week which is not easy at times. But I am aware it will help my sites. In each article, I try to give advice and attempt to make them enjoyable for any potential reader.

There are other ways that if you, like me, enjoy writing you can make money from your skills.

Profit from writing skills by helping others

Other people are also aware of the benefits of article marketing but just do not have the time to write themselves. These people are always on the lookout for somebody to help them out. They often want somebody who will write and submit an article for them. There are a number of websites like where you can notify people of your services. You can also see the projects that others have posted that they would like to be completed. You can make a bid to get the project and earn money.

Other areas where people can earn additional cash from their skills is writing freelance for newspapers and magazines. If your skills are of a high enough quality and what you write is of interest to a wide audience, there is no reason why you could not earn money in this way. You could also become a ghost writer for ebooks if you are attracted to that.

Writing has never been more in demand and now is the time for people who feel that they have the gift to make the most out of this opportunity. There is a lot of rubbish being written on the web at the moment and quality will always stand out.

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Are your writing skills good enough?

You might think you are not well enough educated to be accepted as a writer. This may well be correct for some jobs out there, however, if you do not try you will never know. Content is king as they say and if your content is good enough and of interest, why would people have an issue with your lack of examinations, etc. If you are blogging then you really don’t need to write as if you are composing a scientific paper. It’s actually much better if you write in the way you would speak to a friend.

Ensure that your content is easy to read and that all the words are spelled correctly. These days this is less of an issue as you can install Grammarly and have any errors highlighted as you write. The world is your oyster, go for it. With a little dedication, practice and perseverance you can profit from writing skills that you already have.

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