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AI has caused a stir even in mainstream media, but how can you use it to make money?

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solos and traffic product image

Solos and Traffic is my first product launch as a JV with one of my mentors.

It offers a stress free way to get traffic forever from 5 different sites for just a one time cost. In addition you can send 3 solo ads to Dawud's 33,000+ members.

Some of the sites are suitable for offers in many niches not just making money online.

The sooner you submit your link, the better the result you will get.

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Time Management Tips Infographic

Time Management When Working From Home

In 2020 many of us were thrown in to working from home. For many this came as a complete shock. If you have been used to a structured day which was determined by someone else then the change is stark. Perhaps time management is now more important in your life.

Some people have totally given up working for someone else and either through choice or necessity, have decided to become self employed. This means that you may be having to prioritize and structure your work day for the first time.

How To Get More Done 

Time management is something that many of us are striving to improve in our lives. But really, if you think about it, it can't be done. You can't manage time, it is going to keep on rolling along whether you make best use of it or not. 

Time is a great leveler. We each have 24 hours every day, and seven days each week. So it's not time management you need; it is YOU management.

 We don’t manage time, we manage activities within time.”

       Bernard Clive 

That quote, from the author Bernard Clive, is the truth.  So although you may hear people talking about time management bear in mind that it can't be done.

So having said that, what we need to do is make the best use of any time we have available.
In order to to get the most out of the time that you have available you need to be as productive as possible.

Do you fool yourself that you are busy getting things done when really you are busy doing nothing. Sometimes we look back at the end of a busy day and realize that not much has been accomplished.

So rather than being “busy doing nothing” we need to get rid of any unnecessary time wasters and focus on actual productive work. This way you’ll not only get more work done, but you’ll find yourself with more free time too.


How To Overcome The Top Time Wasters

Let's take a look at how we can improve our time management and productivity by defeating 11 of the most common time wasters. These are easy to overlook and may creep up on you without you even realizing it.

Eliminate them and your life will not only become much simpler and more focused but you will be surprised how much more you get done.


1. Don't Make A To Do List

What? I know, I hear you, every one tells you to make a to do list. But here is the problem.

Having a single to do list that you keep adding things to is not helpful. If you must make a list then it needs to be finite.

Once you have made a list of things to do, complete them first. If any new things come in, put them on a new list. Unless a task is extremely important, do NOT add it on your current list.
Then make sure you clear one to-do list first before moving on to the next one.

If you do a little from one list and a little from another, before you know it, you’ll have 5 lists with incomplete tasks on each one… or one list with so many things to do that just looking at it intimidates you. 

The other issue with a to do list is that it often gets buried under a pile of papers. A digital, online can be even worse as you actually have to remember to open it.

A much better solution is a Kanban board. Lets see how that helps.


2. Start A Kanban Board

A Kanban board is based on the system that originated in Japan at the Toyota manufacturing plant. Start using this in your life and see how much more you get done.

One of the major advantages of using a board is that you put it somewhere that you see every day. The process begins by deciding on the tasks of a single project that you need to complete in the coming week.

The Kanban board has different columns allocated to the different stages:

  • A list of all the tasks you need to complete for your current project.
  • One current task you are working on
  • The tasks that are waiting for resources / input from others etc
  • A list of completed tasks

As you work on each task, you move the card or post-it-note across the board.

Having the completed tasks column can be incredibly motivating. You have a visual reminder of how much you have achieved during the week.

The success of the system relies on deciding what to do first. Deciding on priorities is vital.


3. Be Decisive

You need to decide in advance what the most important task is that you want to accomplish. Make a plan and stick to it. Once you’ve made the decision to work on something don't start thinking about other projects. 

Finish what you have started. By being focused, not only will you save mental energy, but your work will be better, easier and be finished sooner. 


'There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.' - Peter DruckerClick To Tweet


4. Prioritize By Importance 

Another problem that occurs if you use a simple to do list is that you may be tempted to keep doing the smaller tasks. This can make you feel better because the list is getting smaller. You may get a feel good factor from crossing items off but are they moving you towards your goals?

It's a problem if it means that the bigger and more important ones are continually put off. This can mean that you end up rushing the jobs that deserve more time and not giving them the attention they need.

You need to prioritize and finish the most important tasks first even though they will take more time. The less important work can be done later.

The Kanban board solves this as you decide in advance on the priorities of the jobs.


5. Don't Multitask

As we've already said you should only work on one thing at a time. That means no multitasking.

This goes beyond flitting from one project to another. It includes things like checking your social media and even stopping to make a coffee. Concentrate for the time you have allocated to each job.

These focused time periods should be around 40 or 50 minutes. Then you should stop for a 5 or 10-minute break. This is the time to get up, move around and take a rest.

These short breaks are important. They will give your mind a brief rest and you can work for longer periods without getting exhausted. 


6. Be Prepared To Say No

Don't let others dump extra work on you. This can be a problem in the workplace or at home. They may tell you it’s only a small, quick job and expect you to agree. Their reasoning is that it’s easy and you’re so helpful, it shouldn’t be a problem.

If it happens occasionally, it may not be an issue. But if you find that people start taking advantage of your kindness it can become a problem. All those little tasks soon add up and you will not get your own work done.

You should complete your own tasks first and then decide if you have time to do the odd favor or two. If you can’t, then you need to be assertive and tell your colleagues or family that you just don’t have the time. 


7. Avoid Interruptions

Even if you have allocated time to focus on your most important task you may find that other people will cause interruptions to your best laid plans. Make sure that your colleagues or family members know that you are working and don't want to be interrupted.

Phone calls, text messages, colleagues popping in to make small talk, etc. are all interruptions. Minimize them and you’ll get more work done.

If you are working at home then ideally have a work area that is in a separate room.


8. Forget Perfectionism

Once a job is complete move on to the next task. I know how difficult this can be as I have a tendency towards perfectionism. With many things “good enough is good enough”. It's easy to always find something to improve but one of my favorite mantras is

Don't get it perfect, just get it goingClick To Tweet

Sometimes our desire to keep trying to improve something is because we don't actually want to put it out in the world. If it's a creative work then you need to accept that really there is no such thing as perfection.

If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well….but, not at the expense of getting going.


9. Don't Reinvent the Wheel

If  something has been done one way for ages then don't change it just for the sake of change. Maybe there is a reason that it has always been done that way. In some business environments there seems to be a tendency for committees to want to change things every so often.   maybe it gives them a reason for being. 

Now obviously there is nothing wrong with looking for more effective ways to do things but changing things can cause it's own problems.
Apart from peoples' natural resistance to change, getting used to a new system may well cause delays. It takes time to adjust to new ways of working especially if they have been ingrained for years.


Double your productivity within 48 hours offer



10. Keep It Simple 

Having one project with a plan of action should suffice. All you need to do is work the plan. Do not have plans on your calendar, plans on your laptop, plans on your refrigerator, etc.

Over-planning leads to confusion and too many points of reference. One plan – work it. That’s all you need.

If you have taken the Kanban system onboard, this won't be a problem


11. Emails Can Wait

Set aside blocks of time dedicated to specific tasks. Instead of clearing emails throughout the day as and when they come in, set an hour aside to clear all emails. After that, get back to the other tasks.

It's a good idea to leave your email session to later in the day. Start on your most important task first thing in the morning. This will avoid you getting distracted by side issues that come up in emails.

Leaving emails until late morning will mean you have already accomplished important work. This should give you a boost of confidence and inspiration.


Time Management To Be More Productive

Working from home has many advantages but also brings with it some challenges. 
Give these 11 points a try and eliminate these time wasters from your working day.

These time management tips should help you streamline your working day until you’re at your most efficient. 

If you are looking for more advanced strategies for becoming more productive, I highly recommend checking out what Jason has to say. He guarantees that you can double your productivity in 48 hours. 



blackboard promoting productivity course for time management

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Pinterest webinar training ad shown on laptop

There are numerous social media platforms that you can choose from, but which is the best social channel for marketing a business? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn all have their place. Recently it seems many people favour Instagram but here is a question that you need to consider “is Pinterest better than Instagram for business“. There are good reasons to think so, read on to find out why.


4 Factors that make Pinterest better than Instagram for Business Marketing

1. Clicks to your offers

Instagram is owned by Facebook which does as much as it can to keep people on its websites.  Fact is, FB has built one of the most profitable companies in the world by selling our attention and eyeballs to advertisers.

The whole culture of Pinterest is linking AWAY from their site.  In fact you can link directly from Pinterest to your sales pages, opt-in pages, ecommerce listings, affiliate offers, blogs and / or podcasts.  

Literally, with Pinterest, you can generate traffic and send it to just about anywhere you want.

2. Targeted Traffic

Now it is true that Pinterest can't compete with Instagram when it comes to the number of people on the platform. Indeed, Instagram has about 1 Billion users, versus the 250 Million on Pinterest.  

But Instagram makes it extremely difficult to get clicks.  That high volume of traffic means nothing unless it benefits you.  Pinterest is set up to generate targeted clicks from people who are already interested in your niche or subject matter and many of them have a high buyer intent as we shall see below.


3. Longevity

According to an article on WebFX, the average longevity of social media posts on different platforms is as follows:

  • The half life of a Tweet is 24 minutes.
  • The half life of a Facebook post is 90 minutes. 
  • The half life of a LinkedIn post is 24 hours.
  • The half life of an Instagram post is 48 hours. 
  • The half life of a Pinterest pin is 3 ½ months!

Some Pinterest pins bring traffic for years after pinning. Show me another platform that you can say that about. If you pin seasonal content like Halloween or Valentine's Day one year, then it will often gain popularity and bring traffic in following years.


4.  Buyer Intent

Instagram attracts many browsers. People often go there to explore a bit, look at their friends or artists profiles, and relax. So it's very much a “personal brand” kind of platform, suited to influencers and celebrities. They don't usually go with the intent of buying something.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is where people go when they start planning to do things. In fact, Pinterest is primarily a search engine.

They search for things, make shopping lists and save pins for future purchases. For example, newly engaged people go to Pinterest and search for ideas for their wedding months in advance.

48% of Pinterest users log on because they want to buy something.  There is no other social network that comes close to being full of people who are ready to buy. The closest competitor is Facebook at 14%.

That means that Pinterest has 3x the buyers of its closest competitor. 

If you are a celebrity and you are the “product” then Instagram may be a good choice for you. However if you sell any kind of physical products, training programs or have a business to promote, then Pinterest is your best bet. You can use Pinterest for affiliate marketing also not just your own products.


Infographic showing longevity of social media posts.One reason why Pinterest is better than Instagram for business.

What can you promote on Pinterest?

In fact you can use Pinterest for many purposes to grow a business. Here are a few examples:

  • Sell just about anything under the sun, including B2B services
  • Set up multiple passive income channels that run on auto-pilot
  • Build an email list of targeted and red hot leads
  • Leverage influencers in your niche to get traffic to your websites and offers

Did you know that the majority of Pinterest users earn over $75,000 a year? Pinterest users spend more than anybody else on any other social network.  The average order value is $50, by far the highest amount for any social network. 

And 91% of Pinterest users say that it's a positive place, where they enjoy spending time.


So put the two together and you have a marketer's dream.

Pinterest is a social network where happy people with disposable income go to spend money, and they are easily reachableClick To Tweet.


Is Pinterest all weddings and recipes?

Mention Pinterest to some business owners and you may find that is what they think. While it is true that weddings, travel and recipes are all huge topics and the majority of current users are female, the appeal is not limited.

I recently heard about Tom who saw this Pinterest training and decided to make a pin to promote his business. What was his business? He sells highly trained protection dogs.

He treated it as a bit of a joke, and titled his Pin “21 Reasons Why a Protection Dog Is Better Than a Man”

He wasn't expecting much, posted it on his Pinterest board, and promptly forgot about it.  In fact he had stumbled on combining 2 topics that always do well on Pinterest, animals and humour resulting in a lot of shares and impressions.

The result? Without doing any other marketing, he sold 2 of his protection dogs at $20,000 each.  So $40,000 in sales from just one simple pin that he did in less than an hour. That's a pretty good hourly rate!


So is Pinterest better than Instagram for business purposes?

I think you have to admit that Pinterest has many advantages over Instagram when it comes to promoting your business, And all of this comes at no cost apart from your time in producing some graphics and uploading them. Indeed you can embed a tool on your website to make the images pinnable and share them from your site. If you like Instagram then carry on but don't forget that your goal in building a business should be to repurpose your content anyway. You can share your Instagram posts to Pinterest and get double the benefit.

I have a suspicion that you may well find that Pinterest is better than Instagram for business after all.


Click the image below to sign up for the Free Pinterest training

Pinterest webinar training ad shown on laptop







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Pedro promoting his 5 day movement challengefor growing business

What Is The Best Business To Be In?

Have you ever wondered what is the best business to make money? Or if you already have a business, have you thought about what your real business actually is? In fact you may be surprised if I tell you that you should be in the same business as every other business. You see every business should be concentrating on the same goal. That goal is acquiring customers. Like many business owners you should consider using challenges to grow your business.


Why using challenges to grow your business makes sense

You probably have tried many different options and methods for how to launch, grow, and then scale your business online:

Build an email list, launch a funnel, run Facebook ads, create Instagram stories, launch a YouTube channel, write a book, start a podcast, make an idiot of yourself on Tik Tok or more recently, join Clubhouse rooms.

All of those will work to a certain extent but do you know the best way to get more customers and grow a business?

Using challenges has been shown to be the most effective way to acquire new customers online. Challenges have been used by some easily recognized names like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Ryan Levesque etc but also by many small business owners, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

In fact, this method of acquiring customers works so well that many entrepreneurs that have run a challenge now focus on challenges as their prime marketing method. That's because they have found that challenges outperform every other marketing method.

There are many reasons why that may be the case. It probably comes down to basic human psychology. as to why that's the case.


List of the key benefits of using challenges to grow your businessBenefits of challenges:

  1. Accountability – when someone commits to completing a challenge they make themselves accountable. All to often it's easy to say we are going to do something and then not follow through. Having defined steps laid out makes it easier to stick to.
  2. Support – This has much in common with accountability. When someone joins a challenge they become part of a collective all working towards similar goals. Watching the progress of others is motivating and provides social proof that success can be achieved.
  3. Achievement – It is important when setting goals that they follow the SMART formula and are seen as realistic and achievable. Being involved in a challenge with set goals brings a sense of achievement as interim goals are met. These successes lead your brain to release endorphins, the feel good factors similar to those released post exercise.
  4. Competition – At heart most people are competitive. Joining a challenge allows people to compete against themselves and their preconceived ideas not just against their peers taking the same challenge.
  5. Leadership – when you run a challenge for your target market, you are seen as a leader within your industry. This is an ideal way to connect with your potential customers and get them to know, like and trust you.




How do you run a successful challenge?

Your goal when running a challenge to grow your business should be to create a movement and an environment where those goals we have identified are met with ease. You don't need to be a big name in your industry to achieve this. 

Sure we have identified some well known names above who now run challenges in order to scale their businesses. However, many others like you and me have used the same model to grow their businesses.

Louise is a Neuro-strategist and coach who helps high performers to break into their next season, shifting through money, sales, emotional and spiritual barriers. Louise brought in over 100K in her first challenge. She did this without any Ad spend using organic traffic.

Stephen and Chelsey were course creators but struggling to sell their courses. By using challenges they  have started and are growing a movement of their own by helping hundreds of stay at home parents build online businesses across multiple industries around the world.

Click here to read the stories of people who have used the power of challenges to launch and grow successful businesses. But not just for making money but for creating movements. It's ideal for non profit organizations also.

That's the thing, the challenge model works in many different industries. It is a tried and tested method that works and can be repeated over and over again.

That's all well and good but you probably have questions that need answering:

  • How long should a challenge be?
  • What is the best format for a challenge?
  • Best actions to take pre and post challenge?
  • How to ensure challenge participants get results?

As with everything in life it makes sense to learn from someone who is successful in what you want to do. There is one person who is best qualified to answer your questions about using challenges to grow your business.


Discover how to run a challenge to grow your business

One person has been leading the movement towards using this as the best business growth method, and that person is Pedro Adao.

Who is Pedro Adao?

You may be asking “Exactly who is Pedro Adao, anyway” Good question. Pedro is now known as the Challenge Guy. So how can he benefit you? One of the best ways to discover the power of challenges is to, well, join a challenge. Makes sense, right?

Pedro has taken challenges to a whole new level and has personally consulted, trained, and coached thousands of entrepreneurs in his innovative and proprietary challenge model

“I’ve been running challenges for years…but not like Pedro. We got with Pedro, got his help on our Start Over Challenge…and now we are crushing it with challenges not just in my company but also with Tony Robbins. Pedro has innovated a whole new challenge model…he brought challenges into the modern era.” – Dean Graziosi

If you want to begin using challenges to grow your business you should learn from the best.

Join me and tens of thousands of other mission-driven entrepreneurs in Pedro's next challenge, The Free 5-Day Movement Maker Challenge, starting on Monday, March 22nd.

You can sign up here or by clicking the image below. There is no charge and you may just find that using challenges to grow your business makes perfect business sense to you.

Pedro promoting his 5 day movement challengefor growing business



business woman explaining the reasons why using challenges to grow business is good idea

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