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Money can’t buy me love. Money makes the world go round.  Two quotes about money that are both true. While money can’t buy love, and some rich people are unhappy, it can make life a whole lot easier for those who have it. Our beliefs about money are often learned in childhood but may last a lifetime.

In September 2020 David Beasley of the UN World Food Program urged the world’s richest to help feed the world’s poorest. It’s pretty shocking that in 2020 30 million people are at risk of dying from hunger.

I imagine those starving people have trouble getting their head around the fact that one man, Jeff Bezos, is worth $177.9 billion and apparently made 13 million in just one day in July 2020. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbeg and Elon Musk are between them worth almost $300 billion. Compare that to the fact that the UN says it needs $4.9 billion to feed the most at risk for a year.

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Financial inequality in the world in 2020

The World Social Report 2020 highlights the state of financial inequality in the world today. They make the point that growing inequality causes discontent, deepens political divides and can lead to violent conflict. So it is in everyones interests that the problem is addressed. Governments have committed to reduce inequality between countries and inside individual countries by 2030.

You see inequality much closer to home as the discrepancies inside countries are themselves a problem. The 2020 report highlights that although the USA is a richer country than Sweden overall, the bottom 10% in the US are poorer than the bottom 10% in Sweden for instance. Perhaps this is one reason why the Scandinavian countries always come out high in the happiest people charts.

It is difficult to expect the mass population to want to pay more tax when they are resentful of the inequality they see around them. We have our personal opinions on the question of taxes and it has become a political football that will persist. If the richest 1% paid just 0.5% more tax many of the inequalities in society could be fixed. I’m not really here to talk politics but about how our own attitudes and beliefs about money affect our lives.


Money is not the root of all evil

You may wonder if money is the root of all our problems but having money can enable you to become part of the solution. We should all take responsibility and do our best to improve our financial situation for ourselves and our families. You should begin by creating a budget and working to eliminate bad debts. Then you can look to grow your wealth for the long term.

You shouldn’t think that money is an evil. Some years ago the Dalai Lama was asked about money and said “Money is good. It is important. Without money, daily survival, not to mention further development, is impossible. So we are not even questioning its importance. At the same time, it is wrong to consider money a god or a substance endowed with some power of its own. To think that money is everything, and that just by having lots of it all our problems will be solved is a serious mistake.”

Your beliefs about money can greatly influence your life. We should all strive to raise our children with healthy attitudes to money.

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Beliefs about money shape your reality

Money is the unseen force that compels people to change the things they do. Most of us are seeking ways to make more money. Having said that, the global pandemic has caused many to re-evaluate their priorities and seek a better work life balance.

On the internet, people click on links that promise them ways to make money online and improve their lives. They respond to ads promising get rich quick schemes. Many of these are of course just bright shiny objects that suck in the desperate.

Most of us grow up learning that you have to work hard to earn money. It’s years later before we realize that rich people do not necessarily do that. Once you have money, you can put it to work for you.

Success is not just about money, it also depends on your attitude and perception of life. But your beliefs about money will greatly influence the way you view the world.

You may be someone who believes that things will work out well in the end. It is true that our thoughts become beliefs, which become actions. It is our actions that determine our results. Advocates of The Law Of Attraction and the Secret believe that if you visualize what you desire and concentrate on that outcome, then the Universe will deliver. This may seem like voodoo to the poorest but your thoughts really can create your reality.

Believe and achieve

In Think And Grow Rich the author Napolean Hill said

Everything the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.

The important thing here is that you have to be able to believe. You want to use affirmations to reinforce your beliefs.

In the present economic situation, money is still regarded as the answer to almost all of life’s problems. Poverty and deprivation mean many people want more money.

You probably think that the rich control the world and in many instances they do. The poor can feel like robots being instructed what to do, how and what to feel. There are many factors that we can’t control. The price of goods, utilities and oil prices can cause living expenses to increase while our incomes may disappear overnight if we are made redundant when businesses fail.

You may have worries about where you work but you are not in control of the situation. Often you may or may not know the problems and can’t influence the outcome. You feel powerless to help yourself.


Make money online as a side hustle

More and more of us are now looking for ways to make money at home. We are making money online and taking control of our own destinies. There are many different options to start an online business. Everything from affiliate marketing, ecommerce, trading forex or stocks can all be ways to top up your income.

You can research to find the money making option that appeals most to your strengths and budget. There are many ways to begin making money on a budget. So don’t let a lack of money stop you from taking control of your life. Your beliefs about money truly can influence your life and give you the success you deserve.




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