You may want to start an eBay business or you may just have things you no longer need that you want to sell to raise some extra cash. Either way the key to a successful listing is just like any other sales platform.  To create an eBay sales page that gets things sold fast relies on the same techniques as any traditional sales page.

The important aspects of advertising anything are often remembered as AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Your listing is essentially an advertisement for your goods. So how do you make yours stand out? Keep reading for free access to a 7 part course on writing copy that sells.

Getting this right will determine whether you make a success of selling on eBay or not. This is especially true if you are running an ebay business and competing against others selling the same or similar items.

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You don’t want to just compete on price. For one thing you may not have enough of a margin to drop your prices, but it is also not a good long term strategy to get in to a price war. You should read the article on how to make more money by raising prices.

Instead of that you need to write a sales page that attracts buyers and makes them bid on your items, rather than those of your competitors.



Essentials to create an eBay sales page that sells

A winning sales page starts with the headline. On eBay this is the title of the item. When people look for items on eBay they enter the item in the search field. Your title needs to have the keywords, or search terms, that people would naturally use to find what they are looking for.

Because you have limited characters, you need to give thought to the best words to grab attention and explain what you are selling. You want your listing to stand out among the others. Use all the space available to include as many details as possible. Depending on what you are selling important considerations may be brand, colour, size etc as well as the condition of the item.

Auctions sellers have standard abbreviations that they use. This enables you to get more details in to your title. Some of the most common are:

BNWT – brand new with tags

BNIB – brand new in box

NWOT – new without tags

VGC – very good condition

GAN – good as new

There are some details that are essential to any listing. You will be prompted for these when you set up your auction. These include condition, shipping information and whether you accept returns.

Benefits vs features

Successful copywriters know that to encourage anyone to buy, you need to point out the benefits and not just the features of what you are offering. Keep this in mind when you creat an eBay sales page.

Put simply, features are what the item has whereas benefits are what those things will do for the buyer. They make the buyer visualise the gains that will result if they purchase.

You can currently get a free course on copywriting. This will help you understand the key principles of a successful sales page including how to write amazing headlines.

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That course will not only help you create an eBay sales page but any other sales page or advert that you need to write, and it’s currently available for free. Highly recommended.

So you have written an attention grabbing headline and got eyes on your eBay sales page. You now need to convert the visitor in to a buyer. You want to outline the benefits they will get by purchasing. Point out the important features also. Use words that evoke emotions and inject personality in to the listing.

If you are selling a one off item then you should highlight the fact that it is unique. If the item is vintage and has a known history then make sure you explain the provenance. A good back story will add to the attraction of the item for some people. If you can provide proof of your claims your item will sell at a higher price.

Don’t forget to tell the bidders how they will benefit from the item if they win the bid. This will make the item more valuable and desirable to the bidder. What advantages will the buyer get out of it?

Customer service and reviews

Another key selling point will be the service that you offer. If you are selling as a business then people will want to know whether they can contact you and what your guarantee and return policy is. Will you accept returns and if so who will pay the postage?

Some people will be more inclined to buy if you offer a money back guarantee. If you decide to do this then clearly state the refund period and whether the buyer is responsible for the return postage costs. You always need to guarantee that the item is as stated. Making false claims would get you in to trouble with eBay.

Guarantees are normally only offered on new items. Old items are usually sold ‘as is’ with no refunds offered. You still need to accurately describe the item, and ensure it arrives at the buyer’s address in the condition that you described. If it does not, you will be held responsible and have to refund the purchase cost.

Be responsive to questions that potential buyers ask. If you have written the listing well then you should have covered most things but you may get specific questions.

The reviews that you get will help with further sales so it is vital to provide good customer service.

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Another vital aspect of creating an eBay sales page that gets results is to use pictures.  No matter how well you describe something there is nothing better than actually showing the item. This helps the person visualise owning and holding the item.

Many people will not even look at a listing that doesn’t have a picture. Use as many pictures as you can and show the item close up and at a distance. Choose the best attention grabbing picture as the main image that will be seen as people are scrolling through the listings.



Successful eBay selling is no different to selling anywhere else. You need to offer items that others will want, create an attention grabbing title, and use words in your copy that encourage people to buy. Once you learn to create an eBay sales page that sells it can become a nice way to bring in extra cash or even a full time income.

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