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Allergies are a common part of modern day life. However, it can be a serious problem if you’re suffering from a severe allergy. If you are an allergy sufferer you will need to learn how to avoid the trigger of allergies that affect you. Allergies can cause serious issues if not treated properly. You need to get to the root cause.

Adult allergies can cause dry eyes, sneezing, runny nose, fever and itching or in serious cases anaphylaxis. Even babies can have an allergy. They can be allergic to things like grass, ragweed, mould, and dust mites. It is very important that you get to the source of your allergies. This could be just about anything.

Can You Be Too Clean?

There is a hypothesis that people are just too clean these days. Back in the 1950s we kids played outside in the street and often ate food without washing either the food or our hands. Also there wasn’t the myriad of cleaning products available today. Today the world seems to be obsessed with cleanliness and sterility that wouldn’t be amiss in a hospital theatre. The theory goes that being exposed to a large number of microbes in childhood is a good thing. It teaches the immune system what is a threat and what can be tolerated.

Allergies are far more common in the developed world than in third world countries. There is evidence that the microbiome content of our guts is important in developing a healthy immune system. The jury is still out on the “hygiene hypothesis”. However it is certainly the case that allergies are far more common today than they used to be.

Common Causes Of Allergies

Hay fever is probably the one allergy that most people know about. Hay fever causes an allergic rhinitis. Different grasses and pollen can cause hay fever. Many people can predict when they will suffer. This is because plants flower at different times of the year. Hay fever sufferers get used to knowing which plants affect them.  If you suffer with hay fever there is some evidence that eating local honey can help. It is important that you choose local honey and not any old honey from a supermarket. Search online for a local beekeeper or go to a local food market.

Most allergies that we know about are to substances that the majority of the population regard as a normal part of life. Dust mites, for example, may be considered to be just dirt. However if a person with a dust mite allergy touches a piece of furniture with dust on they could suffer an allergic reaction. Dust mites often lurk in bedding. If they are a problem for you then it is important to wash your bedding often. Also vacuum your mattress on a regular basis. You can buy sheets and pillows made of hypoallergenic material and buy an air filter to help if your bedroom is causing your health problems.

Natural Products To Avoid The Trigger Of Allergies

People who suffer from contact dermatitis are often allergic to different types of dyes, perfumes, or paints. The chemicals used to create these products make their skin red, itchy and irritated. If you are sensitive to one of these, then you are unfortunately a good candidate for an allergic reaction. If you have an allergy to common household products or cosmetics you will need to research natural alternatives to harsh cleaning products and such like. There are many natural alternatives available today to help you avoid the trigger of allergies.

Allergies can cause a nasty rash. If your skin is irritated and red, you could be having an allergic reaction. An allergic rash may start off small, but it can grow larger very quickly. However you can’t assume that any reddening of the skin is owing to an allergy.

As an aside, wind is one of the surprising causes of a rash. If you live in a windy area, you may even experience a rash in your sleep. The skin on your body can become itchy as well. This rash is more common in children than in adults.

Testing For The Trigger Of Allergies

If you suspect that you may be allergic to something, consult your doctor for testing to find out. Your doctor will take your blood, take a history, and perform a series of tests. Hopefully this will help to diagnose what is causing your allergy. It is best not to assume that you have an allergy just because itching or reddening of the skin is bothering you.

It is not uncommon for allergic reactions to be triggered by a typical cold or other viral infection. If you suspect you are allergic to something, don’t take any chances. Go to the doctor just to make sure.

The only way to truly know what is causing your allergies is to learn what triggers them and eliminate them from your life. Although your doctor may have prescribed a certain medication, you may find when taking the medicine the symptoms of allergy do not clear up. In that case your doctor may need to do a more in-depth test. You may need to be referred to a specialist allergy clinic.

Medicines That Can Cause Allergies

A doctor should always examine a patient before he or she prescribes medications. Some medications themselves can be a major cause of allergies. Keep in mind that the medicines themselves may actually be allergens that people can be sensitive to. Penicillin is often the first choice of antibiotic to be prescribed but is one of the antibiotics that many people are allergic to.

For the majority of people allergies are just a fact of life. Allergies are a part of your life, but needn’t keep you from enjoying your life. Find a treatment that works and the symptoms will hopefully disappear. However people that have a serious allergy that could threaten their life need to be careful to avoid the trigger that causes it. This means they will always have to pay attention to what is in the food they eat or the substances they touch or breathe in.

Raising Children With Allergies

Having an allergy as an adult is bad enough but what do you do if your child has an allergy. If a child has been diagnosed with an allergy, teaching them to avoid that particular trigger of allergies is very important. One of the most high profile common foods that can be the trigger of allergies is nuts, in particular peanuts, or sesame. Derivatives of these foods are often found in products that one wouldn’t necessarily expect to find them in.

There have been some high profile cases in the UK where people have unfortunately died as a result of insufficient labelling of food ingredients. In 2019 the UK Government passed legislation known as Natasha’s Law after the tragic death of a teenager. Natasha died after eating a takeaway sandwich that contained sesame. This means that all food businesses in the UK will be required by law to declare the full list of ingredients on all pre-packaged food by 2021.

This case was particularly sad and shocking because Natasha knew she had a serious problem. Her parents had taught her to be diligent in reading food labels. She also carried adrenaline pens for emergency treatment if required. Adrenaline is used to treat anaphylaxis. People who have had an anaphylactic reaction previously carry these pens at all times. An Epipen is easy to carry and can be a life saver.

Many parents of children with allergies spend their whole lives worrying about such events. If your child is diagnosed with an allergy you need to educate them as soon as possible about the importance of avoiding the trigger. Also nurseries, schools and people running social events need to be told. Serious allergic reactions can be life threatening. It is vital that you learn how to avoid the trigger of allergies relevant to you or your child.

what to do if your child has an allergy Teach a lid how to avoid the trigger of allergies

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