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You may have heard you can use affiliate programs for extra income. If not you must have missed this article. Here are a few more specifics on how to select a product, target an audience and get traffic to affiliate offers. Now some companies do set up and run their own bespoke programs. Many more take an easier option and register with an affiliate network. One of the best in the digital world is ClickBank.

Clickbank is one of the best ways to get an extra income every month without spending money. You can join for free in just a few minutes with ClickBank and start offering digital products to your customers. If you have a good double opt-in email list or just a blog or website, you can add ClickBank offers to get an extra income.

ClickBank is primarily just digital products or immediate download products which means that after the buyer pays for it they can download it. There are a few physical products available now but that is not really what Clickbank is known for. The instant download availability is one of most important features of ClickBank and for this, it’s one of the best affiliate networks.

Clickbank have their own program called Clickbank University that teaches you how to make money on the platform.

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Over 100,000+ people are successfully generating an online income with ClickBank and they all have one thing in common.

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How To Use Affiliate Programs For Extra Income

As with most ways of making money online your biggest challenge is getting traffic to your site. You can set up your keywords to hopefully get visitors organicly. First you will need to search for keywords using something like the Overture keyword tool or the Google keyword tool.  Here you will be able to enter a keyword and see last months search traffic for this keyword and related phrases. Also you will be able to see what price advertisers bid for these keywords.

Ideally you want to find a keyword that has at least 500 searches a month. Selecting the most common keywords is not the best solution. Some common words like dog training or weight loss are really expensive, because they are some of the most searched on the internet and therefore very competitive.

You want to select other related keywords or phrases that target a smaller but more targeted audience. For instance weight loss for stay at home moms over 40 is a lot more targeted. There are a lot of these “long tail” phrases¬† that are also searched in sufficient numbers to be worthwhile.

If you decide to pay for advertising rather than wait for organic traffic then finding a long tail keyword will make your advertising cost a lot less. You could find some that only cost the minimum amount. If you are going to use affiliate programs for extra income then your profit margins are going to be really important. You need to track everything.

Advertising using Google Ads

Designing a Google Ad requires the same copywriting principles as any other advert or sales page. The added challenge is that you have fewer words to use. You need to capture attention immediately. Your ad needs to be congruent with your landing page so that visitors do not feel mislead.

Once you have your product selected using ClickBank, you have the right keywords and your ad designed, both title and text, you are ready to go. You need to complete the Google Ads steps to submit your ad for approval. The Google Team will approve ,or not, usually within 24 – 48 hours.

With $50 you can start your own Google Ads Campaign. If you selected keywords as low as $0.05, with $50 you could get 1,000 relevant visits to your page. If your product is good, and your copy converts, you may get some sales. With a product priced at $12.50, if you could just get 10 sales, you would have $125.00 for your $50 of investment. An ROI of $75 would be great.

Don’t Give Up

In practice this is not a normal, initial outcome. You may well find that your first campaign is not profitable. This does not mean you should give up. You need to look through the stats and optimize the campaign.

You will be able to see which keywords are bringing the best conversions and which search terms are irrelevant. Remove these keywords that are not helpful using the negative keyword option. Then re-run the campaign.

With constant tweaking of results you can improve your ROI enormously.


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Improve Your Ads By Better Targeting

Do read more about Google Ads in the Google Ads Support Center. You will discover a lot of features like selecting the country where you want to offer your product. This is a good option because you maybe don’t want to offer products to all countries. You can offer it to specified countries to get more targeted visits to your ad.

It is usually suggested to start of with just tier 1 countries. These include USA, UK, Australia and Canada. These countries have more disposable income than many, speak English and are receptive to buying online.

Of course if you are in a different country and speak a different language you would choose appropriately. Sometimes this is an advantage in a mass market like Clickbank offers. Your competition will be a lot less.

Think About Age

You can also target by age. Bear in mind that teenagers won’t have a credit card. Even if your product is aimed at children and teenagers they are not your target market. You need to be aiming for their parents. Also targeting those under 40 with products designed for Seniors or Retirees will not be the smartest move.

Some products will sell better to either men or women. Excluding one or the other is not unwarranted discrimination, it is just good sense. Like all these targeting measures it comes down to knowing your market and identifying your ideal customer avatar before you start. But that is for another day.

Using affiliate programs for extra income is a great way to make money. You can make real profit from this tactic. It’s used by many webmasters and bloggers around the globe. If you are lucky you could make money fast and get income in the first week. More likely you will have to persist, learn and refine to get a second income to be proud of.


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