Home businesses are useful, as they let people exercise control over their income by essentially controlling an entire company from the comfort of their home. Anyone can set up a home business, including you. However, before you start a home business, you should read the following tips, as they will give you proper guidance on how to have a successful home based business.

11 work at home jobs for introverts to make money at home

Depending on what type of business you want you should check to see what kind of business insurance you need. Some states require mandatory business insurance. Before you start your business it’s important to check into the cost of it and what your state requires. You want to make sure your business is protected and minimize your risks associated with it.

A great home business tip is to do as much research as you can. There’s always room to grow and by doing research, you’ll have a leg up on your competition. With the right knowledge, you can potentially move your business into new areas when there are opportunities.

Try to keep regular work hours when working from home. The freedom of a home business can be very convenient, but your body’s clock can take a beating if you change your routine too frequently. Try to keep regular work hours and sleep routines in order to keep your mind and body working at its best!

Be Proud That You Work From Home

If it makes sense for your audience, emphasize that you are a home business. If most of your customers are moms who work at home, they may appreciate that you are similar to them and not a great big corporation. A home business is preferable to many customers and clients.

Get a Post Office box. You never want to post your home address online, even in connection with your business. Getting a Post Office box can help to keep your family safe and secure, while also preventing your mail carrier from having to lug around heavier than normal loads of post to your home.

Try to find a place where you can buy your supplies wholesale. Wholesale supplies are sometimes only half as expensive as the products you find in a regular retailer. You may have to travel to do this, but the savings can quickly add up for your business. If you cannot travel, try looking online.

When choosing a type of home business, make sure that your business will work with your family’s needs. Your family will have a normal schedule that you will have to work around with a home business. If you have a newborn baby, you may be limited to the amount of time that you can spend working for your business. You also need to pick an option that works with your personality. There are plenty of options for introverts who really don’t want to have to negotiate with people face to face or even on the telephone. Most of these online jobs can be set up and sold either with no contact with people or through email alone.

Suggestions For Work At Home Jobs

  • Create a course turn your expertise or talent into a side income by creating a course. You may not think you have enough knowledge to do this. However if you have studied anything for some time you will know more than many people. It’s true that they could find information on Google or Youtube but many people will pay for convenience. They will appreciare that you have done the research and supplied it in an easily digested form. If you are considering this as an option, I would recommend watching this free training. It explains the concept very well and offers lots of ideas for what you could do.

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  • Arbitrage – start an arbitrage business i.e.  buy low, sell high. You can do this by buying on ebay for example and reselling on Amazon.
  • Social Media – become a social media manager – many businesses know the importance of having a social presence but don’t have the time, inclination or skill to do it themselves.
  • Freelance – become a freelancer – there are many jobs you can sell as services on sites like elance.com, freelancer.com or fiverr.com. If you like to write you can write articles, perhaps you are a wordpress expert and you can fix problems for people.
  • Become a VA – virtual assistants work remotely but supply businesses with a range of services. This is similar to being a freelancer but has the advantage that you may get guaranteed work rather than having to go and pitch for work on an ad hoc basis.
  • Surveys – you can get paid to complete surveys
  • Blog – Start a blog and write articles that interest you and that others would also find interesting. You will have many choices for monetising your blog.
  • Display ads from native ad networks or Google Adsense that make you money when people click on them
  • Become an affiliate for products and make money when people buy them
  • Sell advertising space on your blog directly
  • Get sponsored by companies related to your topic.

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Best Software For Your Home Based Business

You will need to have a web presence for many of these jobs. Having your own site will make you look like an established business, give you credibility and give people a way to contact you. There are easy options for building a site. Many of these are free.

The best free option at present is to sign up for a Groove pages account. This will not only give you a sales page and a way to collect emails  but also let you build a funnel. This means you can actually sell services with the ability to have order bumps. This lets you offer someone a service or product but on the checkout page you offer a related addition to complement that. People who have committed to a purchase are far more likely to buy something else if you offer it at a special price or a time limited offer.

Groovepages is not just a great choice because it is free, it is actually a much better option than other options including Clickfunnels and Kartra. They are both popular options but are now 9+ years old and Groove is built with modern technology. One of the downsides with Clickfunnels has always been that because the pages don’t actually exist but are built on the fly when requested. The result is they can load really slowly. Groovepages is lightening fast one of the factors Google takes in to account when ranking pages. So you are not only getting a great user friendly free builder but improving your SEO.

You can get Groovepages, Groovesell and a fantastic built in two tier affiliate system for free at present. There is an upsell to add on other features including email with all the functionality of Active Campaign, a membership option, video (alternative to Wistia), Blogs, Webinars (live, streamed and automated), Contact desk, quizzes, calendars, surveys and Groovekart (shopify replacement). You have the ability to import pages so if you have sites built on other platforms you can just enter the url and reproduce that in one click.


At present you can upgrade to get the full suite of tools for a one time price for lifetime access. It also has a two tier affiliate system. You should seriously consider this.

Sign up for a free account and check out the functionality, watch the training and then decide whether you want to take the upgrade option. Be quick though, the one time upgrade offer is due to finish in July. It will still be a great choice but why pay monthly when you can get in now and secure lifetime access.

Watch the webinar replay

webinar replay Groove webinar

Build a complete business for free

You should make it easy for customers to get in contact with you. Your business website should have an email link available, a contact form and if appropriate a telephone number. This keeps the communication front and center and makes it look like you really take care to communicate with customers. It is a simple way to build trust with customers.

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As stated before, home businesses let people run a company from their home. A home business can be started by anyone. With the tips given to you  above, you can take the steps needed to start your own successful home based business, and control your own company from home.

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