Senior showing how to create a product as a Senior

You are never too old to create a product of your own

Have you ever thought I want to make money online in my own home business? Sometimes these dreams get put on hold because life gets in the way. But you could still create a product as a Senior.

But age is not a barrier to making money online.

  • No one is going to tell you that you are too old.
  • You don’t have to travel anywhere.
  • It can be fitted in to your own preferred time periods.

One of the most profitable ways to produce an income online is by creating your own products.  Maybe this suggestion of creating a product surprises you.

You may think you are too old and who would want what you produce? Perhaps you have negative thoughts about whether you are smart enough. Well let’s get rid of those negative thoughts right now.

You are NEVER too old to create and sell your own products. There are literally millions of items that you could sell online. These could be digital information or physical products.

You could sell crafts on Etsy, infoproducts, books in the Kindle or KDP marketplace, print on demand products like mugs and hats in your own ecommerce store, etc.

You get the idea; there are many ways to start a business and create a product as a Senior. You just need to decide on one method and get started.

If you have no idea where to start in picking and researching a niche, I suggest learning from John on this free training.

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Any Senior can create a product and start a home business

Here are 5 things to consider before you start


Use your wealth of experience

With age comes experience. Let’s face it you probably have a wealth of knowledge to share with others. If you’ve been growing exotic veg in an allotment all your life, or you are a keen cook and have many recipe ideas there will be people who will pay to learn your success secrets.

You could put all your wisdom and nuggets of information into a book or video course and offer it for sale.

Maybe you are a dab hand at carpentry.  You could sell plans for woodworking projects. A video course actually showing working techniques could sell well.

Great with crafts like knitting, crochet etc.  You could actually sell your own creations on stores like Etsy or eBay.

Could you utilize your previous working skills? If you are a qualified nurse, you may be able to use your knowledge to help people with a particular complaint. Or maybe you suffer with a disease and have learnt good coping mechanisms. You would be helping people to share that knowledge.

If you were a teacher could you write guides to help parents with homeschooling? Wow, that’s a big market in lockdown.

Perhaps you are the product? If you have a skill that others would pay for you could sell services on a freelancing site like Fiverr or Upwork.


Is there a market for it?

Before you begin you want to make sure there is a market for what you want to offer. You may want to write your autobiography because you have had an interesting life. That may be worthwhile for your family and future generations. However it will be a hard sell unless you are famous or already known in your area of expertise.

If you want to sell to the general population then you want to read a book that people will want to buy.

You can check how well similar products are selling in marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. If there are lots of customer reviews on the product listing then that is a good sign.

The product will undoubtedly have made many more sales because not many people  bother leaving reviews. If your product is in a similar market , it will probably also sell well.

The same applies to digital products and services that you offer. Check on the platform’s like ClickBank or JVZoo to see what is in the bestseller lists.

As for services, you may can look on places like Fiverr to see what is on offer and what others are charging. You may decide to learn a new skill that is always in demand. Copywriting for instance sells at premium pricing.

If you have no history and reviews you will need to sell at a lower price to begin. There will always be people who can’t afford the top prices but will be willing to give you a chance. Make a portfolio of your work.


Don’t stop at one

Many successful online marketing gurus will tell you that the more buy buttons you have out there, the more money you’ll make. It may be a numbers game but make sure you focus on just one until it is complete.

It’s true that the more products you have on offer, the more sales you’ll get. Maybe your first product will crash and burn but you will gain experience to put into the next venture. Don’t throw in the towel at that stage. Learn and make the next product you create better.

Provided you have made sure that there is a demand for what you are going to offer, then your only task will be to get people to see your offer. You could have the best product in the world but if nobody knows about it then you won’t get any sales. In order to generate traffic you will either need to buy it, borrow it or build it. Traffic generation is a topic for another day.

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Build an email list of buyers

The other thing that every successful marketer will tell you is that the money is in the list. When you sell and create your own products or services you will be building your own email list of buyers. This is an asset that can make you an ongoing income if you monetize it well.

A small list of buyers is actually better than a list of thousands of freebie seekers. You can email these people with your own future products but also with relevant affiliate offers.

Note: This is one of the downsides of selling your book on Amazon as you won’t get the buyer emails. You can however have a link in your book that drives them to an offer on your own site, Have them opt in to your list for future offers.


The money is in the backend

If you want to make more money in business then you have 3 ways to do that. You either need more customers, to get each customer to spend more or to make those customers buy more often. That is why you need that email list.

It’s much easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to find a new customer. When you build a list of buyers who have already bought one of your products and loved it, they’ll be much more likely to buy whatever you create in future.

If you have sold 2 books you might have a list with a few hundred buyers. Guess who you’re going to email when your next book is available?

When you email your current buyer list many of them will buy your book because they like your writing style. You can tell them in advance when the book will be published. Then email them on the day to tell them it’s published. You’ll get sales fast from your buyer list which will please the Amazon algorithm and push you up the seller ranking.



Benefits When You Create a Product as a Senior

Hopefully you now see that you are never too old to create a product. Product creation is the best way to start an online business to make good money. Affiliate marketing of other’s products is perhaps an easier option to start with but you will be building someone else’s business rather than your own.

When you create a product as a Senior it is more than just money. It can be easy in later years to think that you have less purpose in life. Starting a home business is a good way to top up your retirement income but will also be good for your mental health.

Learning new things is good to prevent cognitive decline. You could choose to learn a new language or do cryptic puzzles. But if you decide to create a product of your own you can boost your income at the same time. So, put your wisdom and experience to good use and unleash your product line on a market that’s waiting to buy from you.


Senior showing how to create a product as a Senior



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