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Got a new business product but don’t know where to start? Video marketing just might be for you. This article discusses video marketing, its advantages, and a short guide on how to make a video perfect for any marketing campaign. Also how you can rank your videos and beat your video marketing competition.

There are a lot of ways through which you can market your products and your services. Among these methods, the most cost-effective means is perhaps the internet. Through the internet, you can come up with every marketing campaign possible. The internet is so flexible and vast that with the right moves, it can help your business become more popular and more prominent. That being said, let me introduce you to the latest trend and possibly the most effective of all online marketing strategies, video marketing

video marketing to make money

A Plan To Beat Video Marketing Competition

Video marketing just might be the hottest trend to date in the marketing field. The time forĀ  only telling through text marketing copy has passed. Instead, it’s now time for showing and demonstrating through video clips.

If you’re not that familiar with video marketing, there’s absolutely no need for you to worry. The internet provides a lot of resources on how you can make your videos. You can learn about the tools that you need to make videos and the techniques that can make your videos work for marketing purposes. The following are some tips on how you can make video marketing work for your business. And importantly how you can beat video marketing competition that exists online.

1. Determine where to post your videos.

First of all, you have to know where you are going to post your video marketing material. There are many choices available to you. You can place your video on your website for more interesting site content. You can also post video clips in online communities and blogs. Of course, you should not neglect to post videos in video blogging sites like YouTube.

2. Determine the video content.

Your end goal will go a long way in determining the content of your video marketing materials. As a general rule, your videos must contain information that will build more interest in your business products and services. However, the actual and specific content will have to vary, depending on where you’re posting your videos.

For instance, videos on your website can be much more product or service oriented. Particularly, your videos can demonstrate how effective your product or service is. Your videos on your site can also be video testimonials from your customers. Moreover, they can be video clips about your special promotions and special updates. Even if you want the video on your website it is advantageous to upload it to YouTube first and then use the embed code to share it to your website. This way you are getting a backlink from a trusted site with a high page rank.

Of course if your video is private for a membership site you will need to either make the video on YouTube private and unlisted or use a different video hosting service like Vimeo or Wistia. In fact you should also look in to the GrooveSell offer as you can get a video service among the 15 apps you get for a one time price. That will be the most cost effective solution in the long run.

You can check GrooveSell out here, but be quick as the one time price is due to finish in July/Aug.

Videos posted in online forums may be more about updates, news, and special promotions. They should merely inform your viewers about the latest news and induce your audience to click on the link to your site for more details.

For video blogging sites like YouTube, your video should be not only product oriented but also entertaining and creative. Your website link can be provided with the video and your products can be featured in them, but your videos must never be a simple sales pitch. You’re never going to be referred and reposted that way. The first issue is actually getting views to your YouTube video. For this you need to design a thumbnail that will stand out and make people take notice. YouTube will offer you a choice of frames from your video but you can upload your own.


3. Identify your audience.

All along, you should keep your audience in mind. How old are your intended consumers? Who are they and where do they come from? The content of your video marketing materials will also heavily depend on the demographics of your intended recipients.

After you have done all of the aforementioned research steps, all you will need to do is to make your videos and post them online. Of course, you may have to engage the services of a video server for your purposes.


4. Choose your video equipment.

The cameras available on some smart cell phones these days are good enough to make videos for most purposes. If you want something ultra professional you may need to invest in studio lighting, a specialist video camera, and perhaps even a green screen backdrop. In fact a simple video shot on your iPhone or similar is often more effective than a flashy production.

You don’t actually have to appear in the video. If you are more of an introvert online then you can make a video using just screenshots. This can be more effective if you are making a “how to” video as people will be able to follow along with what you demonstrate onscreen.

5. Video SEO on YouTube.

YouTube is now owned by Google and is in fact the 2nd largest search engine online today. For this reason you need to perform some simple SEO on your videos. If you rank well on YouTube you stand a very good chance of also ranking on the first page in Google.

You should write a description for your video that is keyword rich. You also want to use tags that your target market would probably be searching for. If you want to outrank your competitors on YouTube you should research what keywords and tags they are using and learn from their example. How well you rank will also depend on the engagement that your video gets. So ideally you want lots of views and comments. When you upload a video you should tell your email subscribers and social media followers about it. Hopefully this will drive some traffic to it.

If you put these tips in to action you should be able to beat your video marketing competition and rank on the first page of a YouTube search.


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