Patience is a virtue. It takes some character to exhibit such levels of moral excellence, but did you know that by doing so, you could save money at the same time? Read on to find out how you can economize by emanating the virtue of applying patience in saving money.


Have the patience to walk instead of drive. It saves you gas, parking, and the stresses of driving. Walking improves your health and well being while saving gas money.

Use coupons as much as possible.

Be patient in cutting them out and going through them before making any purchase. Pack them together with your grocery bag or in the car so you can use the discount voucher at every opportunity. You could save $20 – $50, just by using the coupons.

Track your expenses.

Have the patience to keep your receipts and record all your expenses, no matter how small or frequently they occur. By doing so, you are made aware of where every single penny goes. Furthermore, you will know when you have spent too much on clothing, when in fact you still need to settle your credit card balance or pay the mortgage. You will have a better hold of your financial health, by patiently tracking your finances.

Hold-off and sleep on it!

If you are about to purchase a $100 item, hold off the purchase until you’ve given it much thought, say sleeping on it for 1-2 nights. If after such time, you decide that you absolutely need and can afford the purchase, then go ahead. Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save by just sleeping and thinking things over.

Devote money to long-term investment.

Understand that when you take up long-term investment, you do not need the money for now, and it is not considered as part of your daily finances. However, such money when set-aside will reap great rewards in the future.

Applying patience in saving money is an admirable philosophy to have and will reap long term benefits. Exude moral excellence by patiently saving for years to come, starting today!

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