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Do you like to write? If you do there are huge opportunities to make money with writing online.

Read on for 7 of the best ways to make money with your writing skills. All of these can be done from the comfort of your own home and are a great way to earn extra income.

How to make money writing online

1. Writing articles and selling the rights to other webmasters who want to re-produce the articles on their websites. You have several choices of the rights you can offer. One profitable way to make money is to become a PLR seller. You write a bunch of articles on the niche, bundle them in to a package and sell them with Private Label Rights. This gives the buyer the right to change them in any way they choose before publishing.

You can also allow others to resell your work by charging for the Resale Rights. Sell at a higher price if you include Master Resale Rights which gives your buyer the chance to sell the work on.

2. Writing articles and reports available only to those who have paid to access your work in a membership site. Making your work exclusive to members can put a higher premium on it. Bear in mind you are committing to producing work on a regular basis if you sell a monthly membership for example.

3. Writing informative newsletters, building up a list of subscribers and having ads in the newsletters. You can use your own ads, affiliate links or sell ad space to other marketers.

4. Blogging about products and services you like, have used, and found useful. Then create an affiliate link to the website that sells the product. Every time someone buys you get a commission. Affiliate marketing by blogging is a very popular way to make money writing online.

5. Write to order for other people. Write newsletters, e-zines or even emails for other marketers and blog owners who don’t like to write. You can choose to be a freelancer and bid for jobs or you could look for a regular commission. One very profitable writing skill is copywriting. If you become a talented copywriter you can command high prices to write sales pages or ad copy.

Grab this copywriting course – it usually sells for $97 but is currently being offered at no charge.

6. Publish a book on Amazon and other online booksellers. Self publishing is easy these days and could bring passive income.

7. Create simple websites, add articles and then sell the website. Many people will buy a ready to go site that is already set up and has content. You can use a site like Flippa to sell the site. If you get some traffic to the site first, then you will get a better price.

Is making money with writing scalable?

There are many ways for writers to make money, the possibilities are endless.

Writing is not really passive income and you may find that you get to a point where you can’t keep up. If you do there are services you can use to get other people to do the writing for you. If you decide to outsource your writing then make sure you check the quality. You want to hire them on a “Work for Hire” basis, which means that you receive the exclusive copyright for the article they produced for you. If they don’t agree to that then find someone who does.

There are countries in the world where the cost of living is much lower so the price you have to pay will be less than you would think. Even if you are paying for work you will still be able to make a profit when you sell it on.

If writing is your thing then any one of these ways to make money with writing will give you options to make money online.

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