tips to overcome workplace stress

Stress can be a very debilitating thing to deal with, especially when it comes to work. When you become stressed in the workplace, then you are more likely to be unhappy, and not perform well at work. Although there are many things that could contribute to stress in the workplace, one of the most common contributors is being constantly pressured by a manager.

Managers can often be the biggest source of stress for people at work. If you become too stressed out, you will tend to work poorly, because your mind is not able to think clearly. This can become a vicious circle. If your performance is affected then you will feel under increased pressure and your stress will also increase.

You must be willing to accept that there is a problem and face your stress. It is human nature to get stressed especially if asked to meet unreasonable deadlines or output. What you must learn is how to calm down quickly when you feel that you are getting too stressed. If you need help you should find someone to talk to.

You can be sure that the stress will get to you sooner or later, so you should start working on ways to fight it as soon as possible. It may be that you can’t actually control the stress, but you do have control over the response you give to it. This is why it is important to speak up when you feel that you are getting too stressed.

Admit that you need some time off. You need to take a short break from the business to calm down and try to regain your focus.

You should talk to your boss about your stress levels. Your boss may not know that there is a problem. If your boss is not willing to acknowledge that there is a problem, this could just add to your feelings of overwhelming stress.

Talk to your boss before you go on vacation and explain to him that you are very stressed out and need some time off. Sometimes it is a good idea to write down the issues.

Of course if you have a boss that is treating you badly, setting unreasonable demands or bullying you, that is a particular problem. It’s best to see first what you can do on your own to address the issues but if the problem continues you may have to take the problem further. Depending on where you work, you should talk to management, human resources or the staff health department. There may well be policies in place to overcome workplace stress. What you mustn’t do is ignore the problems. There are many things that you should consider doing to fight stress.

If you work at home and are in fact your own boss then the same things apply. You must make sure to treat yourself well. There is a tendency for the newly self employed to work day and night and become their own worst enemy.

The first thing you need to do is not to get totally consumed with work. If you find yourself on the computer all day long then you need to take regular breaks. Just getting up and walking around for a few minutes will help. Establish a routine that includes built in rest periods. Set a timer if necessary so that you are reminded to stop and take some time out.

You need to establish a good work life balance. Ensure that you have enough rest and eat healthily. When you cannot enjoy your work time, this is when you need to put down the computer and relax for a bit.

Make sure that you are following a balanced diet and exercising. Exercising will help you stay fit and healthy, which in turn helps you work better. Stress is not always easy to deal with, but it is possible to keep it under control if you follow a sensible routine.

To combat stress, you will need to adopt a holistic perspective. You will need to sit down and look at the whole picture of what is happening in your workplace. It can be helpful to learn coping techniques. Meditation is one strategy you could try. Once mastered you can enter a meditative state in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Work can be an incredibly busy environment but with care shouldn’t be a source of overwhelming stress. The most important consideration is to make sure you have a good work life balance. Treat yourself well so you maintain your physical and mental health and you will be able to overcome workplace stress as it arises..

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