Improve landing page results

What are your goals for your website? Hopefully you know what you want to achieve with your site. If you’re not achieving the results you want, you need to think about your landing page.Landing pages are critical to your money making success. Here are tips to improve your landing page results.

Your landing page is the home page for your website. It’s the page that visitors land on when they come to your site. But what happens next? From your landing page, can a visitor take a number of actions or just one?.

Obviously every site has at least two options; the visitor can leave or not. Firstly they could leave your site, definitely not what you want. Assuming they don’t do that, what is next?

They can click on a link to visit a page on your site. They can fill out a form with their details, or in some cases they can make a purchase. Ultimately your landing page is a decision-making page. This means it’s critical to your success.


improve landing page results

Is Your Landing Page Captivating?

Does your landing page capture attention? Ideally, it will have a compelling headline followed by keyword-targeted content that supports the purpose of the landing page. Additionally, your landing page shouldn’t be distracting. Everything on that page needs to support the purpose of the page and here is the critical thing, ideally there should only be one purpose.

What’s the Purpose of Your Landing Page?

Different landing pages have different purposes but the important thing is to define the strategic purpose in each situation.

1. You may want visitors to sign up for your opt-in form. If so, then make sure that’s the action that your landing page copy and graphics support. It is a fact of life that if people are given multiple options they fail to make a choice at all. So if your real goal is to capture an email then that should be your only option. You need copy to convince them of the benefit of signing up but you don’t want links going off to multiple other places. You can have links to other offers on the thank you page.

2. However if you have a theme-based magazine style site, then your page’s purpose may be to motivate visitors to dig deeper. You want them to get to the pages where your affiliate and PPC links are so you can earn money.

3.If your landing page is designed to motivate a sale whether for a product or a service then everything on the page needs to support that action. You don’t want to distract with opt-in forms or content links.

If your landing page is not bringing the results you want, take a look at it and see if the entire page supports your purpose for the page. If not, rework it.

Improve Landing Page Results with a Call to Action

Once you have decided on your site’s purpose, your landing page needs a call to action. Visitors need to be informed what to do next. If this guidance is missing, they may be confused, get distracted and likely click away. Support your page’s purpose with a compelling call to action.

  • If you want them to sign up for your offer or list, then ask them to opt in.
  • When you want them to dig deeper and read your content and information, then have the links to those places prominent.
  • If you want to make a sale, provide a compelling reason for them to make that decision and take action.


Test and Track

You must test and track various elements of your landing page to see what works best. Try different headlines to see which works best. Find out which call to action delivers the best results. Test where to place your opt in form for the most sign ups. Split testing is the easiest way to do this. If you are paying to drive traffic to your site, you need to maximize your spend. In fact you are definitely paying for traffic either in time or money.

To test out variations of your page you should drive traffic to two nearly identical landing pages. Be sure to only vary one thing at a time. If you are testing different headlines then don’t also move the sign up form at the same time or you won’t know what has made the difference. Test two options, select the best of those to test against a third. Carry on like this so you are refining as you go.

Summary of How to Improve Landing Page Results

So to summarize how to improve your landing page success:

  • Have a clear business goal.
  • Make sure your landing page has a clearly defined purpose. Your landing page is the page where the majority of your traffic enters your site, it’s imperative that you and your visitors know what you want to happen.
  • Monitor results and make sure each element of your page supports it’s purpose. Eliminate any distractions.
  • Test different options of the page including headlines, text, graphics, etc

Landing pages are critical to your success. Implement these tips and improve your landing page results.


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