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Do you love your dog so much but do not enjoy the times you share during bath time? I feel your pain. I had my share of that dilemma myself until I discovered some of the dog bath accessories that really make bath time easier and fun. Bathing your favorite pet should not be as messy and irritating as it used to be.

Through the use of dog bath accessories, you will find yourself looking forward to your bath sessions. Doesn’t sound convincing enough? Wait until you learn the benefits with which these accessories can wipe away your frustrations in bathing your dogs. And besides, your dog as your best friend deserves all the luxury and the best treatment that you can give. Don’t you agree?

Dog Bathtubs and Tethers

If you bath your dog inside your house, it is best to have a Booster Bathtub, this can also be used outdoors. This is designed to have easy access for your dog to get in and out. You don’t have to cuddle your dog, and you can avoid getting wet after bathing. This features easy access caddies for shampoo, conditioner, and brush. You don’t have to buy extra shampoo and conditioner dispensers. But, if you want to do the bathing outdoors, a sprayer is the best to use. You can buy a double purpose sprayer that you can use indoor or outdoor. Bathing mat too, is very useful to protect your tub from nail scratching. The mat stays in place with suction cups while water drains.

If your dog hates to bathe and doesn’t behave during the entire bathing process, the bathing tether will help. This will hold your dog comfortably in place while keeping your hands free. To use this, you place the suction cups on opposite sides of the tub and connect your pet’s collar. This minimizes movement and makes the bath easy.

Dog Shampoo, Towels and Mitts – Bath Accessories You Need

You might need a special mitt which produces a rich shampoo lather while massaging your pet’s whole body. It also protects your hand from getting wet, and is ideal for use with flea and tick shampoo.

A special towel is very important. Choose the one that has a super absorbent material to dry your pet faster. A towel that is made from ultra-fine microfibers draws water away from your pet’s coat to dry hair quicker and minimize chills after bathing. Make it a point to buy a towel that is durable and can be machine washrd so that you can get the best use out of it for a longer time.

Other dog bath accessories are toothbrush holder, tissue box, wastebasket, etc. If your dog has his own bathroom, there are other dog bath accessories like a shower curtain, hand towel washcloth, and many other accessories.

The many dog bath accessories that are out in the market these days, it is important for you to pick those that are handy without having to give up the comfort of your pet.

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